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Bellissibolo Bolognese Kennel

Budapest , Hungary


2014.12.21 14:26
Let me show you our litters 

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" The Bellissibolo dogs are meant to be a long-time companion

                           and they meet the highest quality standards. "


  We would like to breed Bolognese puppies who have....


-  square body constructions and correct proportions

-  correct heights and weights 

-  dense bright white fluffy coat on every parts of their bodies 

-  perfect pigmentations

-  correct bites

-  correct tail sets

-  correct movements

- loving temperaments and intelligence



Bellissibolo puppies...


        -  are at least 8 weeks old when they leave our family and 

           move to the new owner

        -  have pedigrees ( we are member of the Hungarian Kennel Club,FCI)

        -  treated agains worms

        -  microchipped

        -  vaccinated

        -  vetenary checked

        -  start the housetraining

        -  + "new owner manual" and puppy starters package 


          Female or Male Puppy? 


All puppies are sweet! 

Who can say they’re not the most adorable companions you could ask for?

 They are all sweet, cuddly, wiggly, snuggly, and affectionate. 

For some reason, many times people have a pre-determined idea that 

female puppies are easier to train and exhibit less aggressive behavior, 

but in actuality boys are just as easy. In fact, female puppies usually 

rule the roost, and are very independent and territorial. 

Females will let you know who’s boss right away and will try to establish 

dominance.Males are very playful, attentive, affectionate, and want to 

please you. They are also motivated by food (remember the way to love 

is through the stomach or something like that) and so males are quite 

easy to train. Boys love to play games and they are fun loving all their life. 

Females, as they age, are a little more reserved. While the independent 

spunkiness of the female is attractive, so is the gentle, attentive calmness 

of a male.The one myth that needs to be debunked is that males are always 

“humping” or liftingtheir leg to potty on everything. If a male is neutered early, 

he rarely exhibits these traits. In fact, boys who are neutered by 5 months 

of age usually don’t ever raise their leg to potty.So when considering a puppy, 

don’t forget those boys. They win your heart and keep it.




We can ship our puppies to all over the World, but you are always welcome to come 

pick up your puppy. If you live in a neighboring country, we would be glad to meet 

you halfway.  Many of our customers like to do this . All of our puppies have arrived 

safely and soundly.  When it gets close to shipping time, we make the reservations 

to the airport of your choice. 


"Owning a puppy is a huge responsibility which will change your lives forever

and the decision to own one should be given lots of careful consideration. 

Having said that, a Bolognese is the most wonderful addition to the family and 

will add lots of fun and happiness to your life."